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If you have a suggestion, please leave it in the comments section of a Deviation. I will ignore your request if you are not on the list. I may offer commissions for 990 points (see across if I am offering commissions at this time).

Art trades:

I will do renders in exchange for short stories - if I like your writing style. Tips on how to be a better writer are plentiful.

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British Virgin Islands
(I often type on my mobile phone so you'll have to forgive the auto correct.)

I love writing stories and rendering images in Daz3D. I do also especially like to create renders for authors whose story I like or for friends from the macrophile/microphile community (as opposed to just ones from my own imagination)*. Expect a mixture of gentle content and more violent content. That's about it really. I am mostly against post-render editing as I consider it cheating.

Any questions send me a Note and I will do my best to answer you in a timely fashion. Don't ask anything too personal though please - unless you're somebody whom I regularly interact with! (And you'll know who you are.)

Finally, I do run a Discord server for authors of giantess fiction; Note me for an invite.

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I was supposed to post this last week but things got in the way and I did not. What happened is that a lady whose art I love has left our community because of receiving a barrage needlessly cruel messages after she offered to take commissions from people. This made me angry and is why I suspended all outstanding projects for a few days.

I was hoping to end last week on a positive note and spare readers the comparison of certain demographics of humans to slime molds (bear with me). Slime molds are both fascinating and gross (like a lot of life, and many humans, actually). If you're offended by journal entry then chances are you're one of "them".

Now a few words on slime molds.

A slime mold has no
“brain” – no intelligence – and yet the collection of cells have an uncanny ability to search out sources of food. The slime mold will always be able find the most efficient route to the food and this has been proven in mazes and other controlled environments. Slime molds can even be used to find the quickest route between two locations on a map, thus helping plan new routes.

The delinquents who drove my friend into hiding, and whom I have the unfortunate task of sharing my existence with are like slime molds because:

  1. They have no functioning brain yet are capable of some "intelligence".
  2. They feed off of other organisms.
  3. They are found to lurk mostly in dark, moist, places (such a parents' basement).
  4. They are good at homing in on prey, in this case vaginas (or at least that's all they see in half of humanity).
  5. They're slimy.

They really are just a sack of sperm with no brain that is looking for their next victim. They will hunt you down mercilessly if you have a vagina. Although unlike many slime molds (who may actually look out for fellows of their species and form a cohesive colony), all they care about is their own existence; they are selfish, and are very efficient at what they do. The semen of these dotards comes with awkward homing capabilities... their only goal in life to spread their seed. 

I realise I that could just call them “fucktards, or use some other profanity, but I find this much more fun and demeaning. Though I understand I took a long and winding road instead of a straight one to get to my point. It's okay, I like observing scenery.

Now, allow me to quote my friend’s journal post (which is all public knowledge):

If I had gotten a point every time some of these guys had called me a dumb cunt, to go fuck myself or that they “will shut down my page if I don't do their commission first” I had more points than from doing these commission in the first place."

If you are one of the people who insulted her then you are evil and you should be ashamed of yourself. I would say I'd like to get revenge on these people, but I am not a violent person and would not wish to physically hurt anyone. The best thing I can suggest is to block the protist/animal chimeras, even if they have made too many accounts to count.

Now I will go back to whatever I was doing.


It's so great to finally re-connect with :iconashleythegoddess:. It's been so long! Many months in fact. It's nice to get talking again. Maybe I will render her godly form once again...
That amazing feeling when somebody refuses to clean your shoes so you bribe their mistress and she tells them to clean your shoes. And then they have to clean them. I am so devious! Sweating a little... 
I would like to take a moment to apologise to anyone who I did not say either "Merry Christmas" or "Happy New Year" to. And that was pretty much everyone I know. I only uttered those phrases to my immediate family (who I live with) and at most two additional people (whose correspondence I happened to reply to). I am not very good at life and being social with people. Sorry.
Who do I love more? :icongoddessjulie: or :icontinycitizen3:? It's soooo hard to decide. Heeeeeelp me please somebody. Curse my fickle mind and generally short attention span.
If there was a cure for my :icongoddessjulie: addiction I probably wouldn't take it! ^^;
Daz3D has taught me so much about the human body but there's still so much to learn. Trying to edit :icongoddessjulie:'s genitalia and there's so many options. Who knew female genitalia could be so complicated? I am so confused! There's are so many different parts which I didn't even know existed! :O
I made this one too. :D Love it. She's lovely!
Azura Photoshoot 1
Azura showing off her curves a little *Giggle*

Another render by :iconstubbornstain: I love his work <3 ^__^
Talking to an old friend... rampage stories are definitely a guilty pleasure. Yeah rampage stories are like beef jerky (or its South African equivalent Biltong)...a guilty pleasure indeed. What do you think?
I just found this Goddess Bikini and I need to buy it. It looks soooo good. It's a bikini fit for a Goddess! Any takers? Would you wear it :icongoddessjulie: or :icontinycitizen3:? Since I've been working with your respective characters over the weekend. It would look great on a real-life Goddess like you, yes? Or are there any Goddesses amoung my Watchers I haven't rendered yet?

Link.Product Image Full 367758 97723c54c256e669920444b6 by stubbornstain
Next up for a character is :icontinycitizen3:! Her character is looking so good so far. She's lovely too! She's been Watching me for a while and I'm glad I finally found the courage to contact her. It's hard work but worth it!
Question for everyone: Does anyone know why I'm suddenly so addicted to GoddessJulie? I think she used her Goddess powers to put me under her spell, and now I cannot escape her! Whatever she's doing to me, she's very lovely, in case you didn't know. :)
:icongoddessjulie: coming soon to my page! ...I think. She's best thing from France since the invention of the metric system (in like the 1700s)! And I do love the metric system! I'm currently in the process of designing her character... :D
Wow... I just saw :iconcandycandyneko: put the image I rendered her as her profile image. Thanks Candy! It's an honour!
Here's a question for the greatest minds on Earth to mull over: why is :iconashleythegoddess: so addicting? Does anybody know? I'm struggling with this one. I am so flummoxed.

Confusing, isn't it? I suspect the answer will remain a mystery to me for as long as I am alive. :iconashleythegoddess: is one of the great enigmas of our universe!
If only I could make my dating sim as good as the game Mystic Messenger looks to be. It's a visual novel a game - developed in the Republic of Korea - where you play as a girl who texts boys to try and win their affection.
It sounds like a lot of fun! Is it weird that I may want to buy the game? Market research I guess... Or is that just a clever ruse?
A closer look at the Neko character I've been working on with :iconcandycandyneko: Candy Neko by stubbornstain Need to add some sky and some background buildings. As well as some humans.




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Do You Prefer A Gentle/Maternal Giantess Or A Cruel/Violent Giantess? 

20 deviants said Gentle/Maternal Giantess...
14 deviants said Cruel/Violent Giantess...
14 deviants said I like both equally...

Do not thank me for Watches and Favourites.

Do not thank me for Watches and Favourites. I will hide your comment and repeat offenders may be blocked.



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I know some lovely people on here, including two beautiful goddesses (who I'm certain will destroy you if you upset me). Naturally, there are those annoying people who don't read this. If you are too forceful then I reserve my right to block you.

Read the above and below text before commenting below!

Also, as of March 2017, if you post a comment on my profile saying something like "Thanks for fave" or "Thanks for the Watch" I will probably block you so you can never contaminate my profile again. And I will remove the item(s) from my favourites and/or Unwatch you.


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